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      About Our Personalized Care

​Hello and welcome to Vanity Fur

I am Lisa Pearse, founder, owner, and senior groomer at Vanity Fur.

I have a tremendous love for animals and I want animals to look and feel their best. The name Vanity Fur summarizes how that love translates into providing the finest pet grooming services available in Rochester.

I am a second generation dog trainer and groomer, carrying on for my father who trained dogs here in the Rochester area. I personally have over 43 years of experience grooming, training, and rehabilitating dogs.

It was my good fortune to receive formal training and earn valuable experience working in what is considered to be the finest pet salon in the Twin Cities. I operate Vanity Fur in the same manner as that salon, providing a high degree of professionalism, attention to the needs and desires of clients, and continuous training in the latest techniques and use of the latest products and equipment.

Ongoing training is important. Personally, I found training to be a fun experience, probably because of my love of working with animals. While working at the salon in Minneapolis and through workshops I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the most renowned pet groomers in the United States. I insist on continuous training on the part of anyone who grooms at Vanity Fur.

When you bring your beloved pet to Vanity Fur, you will see that I strive for excellence with each animal. I think you will agree that it shows.

Grooming is only part of what we do at Vanity Fur and only a part of the services I  provide. I also work as a Dog Behavior Specialist. Again, I have over 37 years working to change and improve dog behavior. As with grooming, I have learned from other highly skilled dog behavior specialist.

In my dog behavior work, I strive for a balance between Positive Reinforcement and working within the natural instinct of all dogs and the special characteristics of each breed.

I am proud to have succeeded in correcting negative behavior and rehabilitated animals that have been turned away from or deemed unfix-able by the University of Minnesota and successful Positive Reinforcement trainers. I offer Dog Behavior Services in both a residential Boot Camp setting and in private one on one consultation with dogs and their owners. The Behavior Program is custom designed for every animal. 

Thank you for visiting me at our web site I hope to see you and your Special friend at Vanity Fur.